In the next period after his studies of music on the basis of cooperation with Tomas Berka and his group Ex We Five Fero Griglak based group Fermata which has changed hands more famous musical artists, such as the percussion Pavol Kozma, Peter Szapu, Karol Oláh, Jindřich Plánka as and current bubeník Igor Teo Skovay. Bass guitar here in the past acquitted Laco Lucenic, Anton Jaro, Dalibor Jenis, Fedor Freso. The most successful album of Fermata be regarded album "Huascaran" from 1977. In 1986, within the framework of the break as to the existence of Fermata, Fero Griglak founded together with Palo Kozma group Avion, which started his singing career Pavol Habera. In the formation Avion on bass guitar played by Martin Matias, on the other guitar and keyboards played by Peter Peteraj. After the departure of Pavol Kozma in the US, this musical band broke up, and for a short time Griglak founded formation Pressburg. This group recorded several songs in former studies, opus and in this context also prepared the CD recording of the album. Unfortunately this plan thwarted by unexpected tragic death of singer Karol Vilcek. The group Pressburg Fero Griglák guitarist also worked with another guitarist with Peter Pentor, keyboardist Martin Hanzel played on bass guitar next Peter Palkovic and drums Lubomir Cellar, which was later replaced Jindrich Planka. In this period also Griglak acquainted with other musicians and Marius Barton, and was subsequently renewed existence of Fermata with known album "Simile" of 1991, which was evaluated for Album of the Year, and also contained the song "Spomienka na Amsterdam", which It has become the song of the year. To this must be added that in the context of group Fermata was reviewed by a group of Fero and Griglak for instrumentalist of the year. The group Fermata you as a guest and sang a former member of Tublatanka Pavol Horvath, which is in connection with Fermatou known mainly as the singer of the song "Living your lives" on the album "Real Time" in 1994. Group Fermata currently continues in almost new composition.
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