/ Fero Griglák – quitar, keyboards, author of music
  • Fero Griglak – quitar, keyboards, author of music
  •           Already the age of six he began to walk up preparations for the piano. During the second cycle Art School passed the Conservatory, where he studied oboe later completed studies play guitar. In late sixties based group Inside Of Fire, which played cover versions of songs by Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, The Troggs, or Equals. During this period he composed the first songs, some of which were as demo recordings were given to Paul Hammel. After the release of the album Ring the bells, the group Streams (Palo Hammel) apart and started to work in the new groupings and with Fero Griglak (guitar). In 1971 he was a member of art-rock band Collegium Musicum - participated in the famous double album "Convergence" and as the author. After leaving the Collegium he has Tomas Berka is made up of the name, group Fermata. Slovak collaborated on many projects and is the holder of several music awards in particular as a multi-instrumentalist.

  • Igor Skovay – drums, percussions
  • Matej Miklos – Keyboards
  • Tamas Belicza – bass quitar
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