Before using pages of our website, please familiarize yourself thoroughly with these Terms of use..  In connection with the above rules are read and document user privacy.  Portal for the purposes of the terms hereof shall mean all websites contained below the [].   The operation of the portal, use of services, rights and obligations of the operator and the user are governed on this page those rules.   Using the website is subject to acceptance of these rules.   Acceptance of these rules expresses the user, by using the portal. In case of violation of these rules may operators apply the measures contained therein.

About site

           The term site operators refers to natural persons as listed at the bottom of each page of this website, by Fero Griglak and Rasto Rehak.


           Operators reserve all copyrights (according to their nature and belonging to particular individuals) to content on the portal, including text and display on site, page design, technical drawings, software, graphics and other files, their selection and arrangement.  Site content of this website may not, without the prior written consent of the operator in any way altered, copied, downloading or otherwise of enlargement (hereinafter 'spread the work'), alone or as part of other materials..  It does not apply to disseminate the contents of these pages for private (non-commercial) purposes, provided that such communication is not likely to threaten copyrights operators..  Thus granted consent to the dissemination of the contents of this site may be revoked at any time operators.

User behavior

           The user undertakes to accept that those rules, and also agrees that the use of this website shall be governed by the applicable law in the Slovak Republic, will always act in accordance with these regulations, good morals, and these rules, will not in any way damage the reputation operators and other users.

Links to third party websites

           The pages on this website may contain links to third party websites..  The operators are not responsible for the content of third party websites..  n case the third party websites contain a link to the page on the site, and also in the case of these links and their contents have not been approved in advance in writing operators, operators do not assume any responsibility for these links.

Restrictions and sanctions

           Operators have the right to the scope or content of the website or portal offer change or entrust the operation of the portal to third parties (or the fact that these third parties have access to confidential information about the user) or stop portal to operate, without prior notice to its users.  If the situation strictly require operators can apply sanctions if the user who uses the site in breach of Slovak law or morality or in violation of these Rules.   Operators can use any of the following sanctions:
  • user warning;
  • immediately restrict the use portal;
  • prevent the use of the portal to the user;

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