Privacy statement

           For purposes of the operators privacy site operators term refers to natural persons as listed at the bottom of each page of this website, by Fero Griglak and Rasto Rehak.

           Operators respects the privacy of visitors and users of the website portal [].

           Operators in connection with the entry and subsequent use of the website portal [] standard does not require providing any personal information from its unique visitors.  For any personal data that are still given operator (ie despite of them have not requested and not make a visit to the portal [] providing this information), the operators of this website will treat these data as a randomly obtained personal data and not their further processing, including their registration in the database and this website solely for the purpose of registration of individual users, and solely for the purpose with which individual website visitors when they signed up and agreed.

           If operators will be in connection with the entry, and then use the website portal [] and / or selected parts (sections) in a particular case to require the provision of personal data (eg. For registration in the zone intended for members / do loyalty program, etc.), their provision and their disposal (including treatment) shall be governed by special provisions on the handling of personal data, which are generally paid at the registration website.  Operators have generally considered that the specific provisions on the handling of personal data of registered visitors - to deliver them, and loading them (Metallurgy) the provisions of this document referred to in the following paragraph and below.

           By providing personal data through the operator portal sites (eg. Filling in and sending the registration / application form etc.) awards or visitor. user portal pages [], consent to the processing of all it provided personal data, including personal data, having the character of a special category of personal data.  Eligible entities are entitled to personal user data pages processed mainly for the purpose of presentation and promotion of FERMATA, a concert, or offered other products, messages and offers, or to other advertising and marketing (including through electronic communications in accordance with law no. 351 / 2011 Coll on electronic communications).  Consent to the processing of personal data is granted voluntarily to advance indefinitely and can be at any time, free of charge, in writing appeal.  Eligible entities are allowed personal data operators of sites for the above purposes process until such consent is not revoked.  The operator has sites in relation to the processing of personal data of all the rights laid down in particular § 20 and SUVs. Law on Personal Data Protection.  Personal data user sites, eligible entities to process and through another (third) entity.  In the same way and under the same conditions, operators websites [] and other persons mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph also granted consent to use the data provided it lacking the character of personal information.  Part of the approval of this point is the agreement to receive information about news appear on the website [], new offers and other information related to mailing address, e-mail address and possibly other contact points which user made the company the operator through its site (eg. filling in and sending the registration / application form etc.).  Consent to receive information shall be granted on a voluntary basis, to advance indefinitely and can be at any time, free of charge, in writing appeal.  Operators portal site [] have on the transmission of information, all rights set § 62 and SUVs. Law no. 351/2011 Coll. Electronic Communications.

           Operators portal site [] will use the data collected on the websites of the portal in aggregate form to determine the total number of visitors to these sites, the number of visitors to each individual website as well as individual domain names.  This process will not be available any personal data.

           Using „cookies“ on the portal [] governed by general rules on the use of technology „cookies“.

           Site is [] may contain links to websites operated by third parties.  The content of these websites but the operators of this website do not know in detail.  By placing links on portal pages [] merely facilitates access to the websites of third parties, but assumes no responsibility for any of their contents.  Content placed on linked websites can not be considered contain placement, sponsored or approved by the operator of that website.  Portal operators [] not liable or responsible for any information or materials placed on the websites of third parties, nor for any infringement, rights or legitimate interests of third parties, to which they would on the websites of third parties were.  Responsible for all content and operation of the linked websites and any losses incurred in connection with their use lies solely with the operators of these sites than others.  On the websites of third parties are not covered (ie. Need not apply) privacy policy of that website and thus no rules, policies, procedures and consequences mentioned herein.  We therefore recommend that you discuss politics collection and dissemination of information websites operated by third parties notified directly to those individuals.

           Portal operators [] reserves the right to amend or modify this document.  The amendment shall enter into force upon publication on the portal [] ,  unless expressly mentioned another date of entry into force.
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